Scent Control Starts before you ever hit THE WOODS

Welcome to the ENFORCERZONE

What is EnforcerZone?

The best way to take control of your odor footprint is having the ability to apply the correct amount of ozone depending on the severity of odors. And the only way this can be done is in confined areas referred to as ENFORCERZONE.

Scientific research conducted utilizing ozone gas technology is performed in enclosed areas for a very good reason. It’s the only way to scientifically test the performance of ozone to achieve accurate test results. OSHA standards for ozone are calculated by testing ambient air from naturally occurring ozone but to positively take control of your odors using ozone, is in enclosed areas.

The definition of “ENFORCERZONE” is an enclosed area where the ozone output from the Enforcer portable ozone generator 20MgH “milligrams per hour” of ozone which will treat areas up to 200 square feet and the Enforcer Plug-In outputs 100 MgH “milligrams per hour” treating areas between 500-800 square feet. These areas include totes, gear and duffle bags, hunting closets, lockers, bedrooms, bathrooms, hunting camps, cabins, vehicles, campers, RV's etc. The applications are endless.

The portability, affordability, and versatility of the Enforcer Portable ozone generator along with our knowledge of ozone technology is what sets us apart from the competition. Why would you use an ozone treatment in just one gear bag or tote, when you can use the Enforcer in numerous applications for the ultimate in odor control. Use your Key To Success, enter the EnforcerZone, and take Control of your Odor Footprint!