Honed by the constant struggle for survival, the whitetails sense of smell, sight, and hearing presents a formidable challenge for hunters. In the day-to-day struggle to survive, the whitetail deer’s nose may be its best protection. Few animals have a better sense of smell than the whitetail. They can detect odors much better and from considerably longer distances than humans. A large portion of the whitetails brain is devoted to odor reception and its nasal chamber can concentrate odors so they're more identifiable. It is estimated that a whitetail has more than 60 times the olfactory range of a human. In the right wind conditions, a deer can smell a hunter a mile away.

Much of our success in the woods is determined by how much of our odor deer will tolerate in a given area. Imagine that your odor to a deer’s nose is like smoke to a smoke alarm. A small amount of odor can be present and might even make deer curious. A little more odor and deer may get a little nervous. A little more odor still and deer will go on high alert stomping their foot and trying to pinpoint the source of the odor. If the level of human odor gets too high, the alarm will go off and the deer will bust out of the area.


Human odor, as it pertains to hunters, can include bad breath, perspiration, colognes or perfumes, detergents, cigarette smoke, gasoline, and the list goes on. All of these add up to odor that big game can find threatening in their natural environment. Hunters who take one or more of these smells into the woods with them risk not seeing a deer. His nose will hone in on the odor, causing him to avoid the area completely. In addition to outside influences that contribute to your odor signature, your body generates odor through sweat and bacteria. Sweating is a natural reaction your body has to overheat. The bacteria on our skin consumes sweat in order to survive, multiply and create odor. In turn, these large colonies add yet another component to your overall odor signature in the field that big game can take as a sure sign of danger. As you can see the odor you bring into the field is unique to you and your daily activities. However, by using the right technologies and sound hunting habits, you can virtually eliminate odor and substantially reduce the chances of being detected.

ENFORCER™ (Portable Ozone Generator)

You have prepared for your hunt practicing the best in odor control. You’ve showered with non-scented soaps and shampoos and you have all of your gear re-activated but what about the foreign odors you pick up before even leaving your home, camp or lodge. Now, you can bring nature’s cleaning agents indoors with the ENFORCER™. By replicating the way nature cleans the Earth’s forest and mountains you will have the ability to remove all those unwanted odors in unlimited applications. After your hunt use the ENFORCER™ to remove unwanted odors and bacteria in your totes, sports bags, hunting lockers & closets, bedrooms, hunting vehicles and much more! The ENFORCER™ is the perfect weapon to round out your odor control arsenal. You will have total confidence knowing that you have done everything possible to virtually odor-free before and after your hunt!

This is what some outfitters are saying when using our products. “ We offer our hunters a virtually odor-free atmosphere. We use the ENFORCER™ to remove odors and destroy bacteria in our guest rooms before our new client's arrival and in all our totes, hunting lockers and vehicles so our clients can start every day of there hunt virtually odor free. We have seen our success rate climb due to the fact that less is going undetected to give them the extra edge at sealing the deal.

So, are you ready to take your odor control to the next level? Combining Activated Carbon Technology to lock in human odors with the ENFORCER™ portable ozone generator for continued odor control before and after your hunt, you will greatly increase your hunting success and experience the ultimate in NATURAL ODOR CONTROL!